Where do I start?

Take a look through the Kitco Builders Designs and get inspired, considering all of your unique requirements. Think about the size and shape of your build site, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you require and what layout would work best for your home. We can customise your chosen design to suit your requirements and budget.

Once you have an idea of what you are thinking – or even if you’re still not quite sure – give our friendly and experienced team a call and we’ll ask all the right questions to create your dream kit home.

I live in a bushfire prone area, will a Kitco Builders kit home suit my location?

If your property is located in a bush fire prone area, Kitco has the experience and local knowledge to design and construct your home to meet the relevant Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) construction requirements.

When building in rural areas and even built-up areas in some cases, we will modify your design to ensure we comply with the bushfire building requirements of AS 3959-2009.

If your property lies within a bushfire prone area, a BAL assessment will need to be undertaken on your property by a licenced assessor, to determine a BAL rating. The BAL rating given to your property will dictate which construction methods are to be applied.

Please contact Kitco if you require any further assistance, and to determine if your property lies within a bushfire prone area.

Can I customise a Kitco Builders design?

Absolutely – all of our designs are customisable to suit your distinct needs. Take a look through the Kitco Builders   and get inspired! We’ll work with you to customise your chosen design to meet your needs.

Change a window, rework the interior, add a balcony – our in-house fabrication capabilities mean we can modify a design to suit you and supply everything you need to make it a reality. Or – you can bring us your own custom design and ideas and we will work with you to create, supply and build your dream home with the desired inclusions.

Is a stumped sub-floor or concrete slab construction better for my site?

Your property will very much dictate the method of floor construction used on your new home, though personal preference can also be a big part of this decision.

Building your new home on a concrete slab is the most cost-effective option if your property is relatively flat and requires minimal site work to create a level sand pad.

If your property is sloping and site works costs for a concrete slab become prohibitive, stumped sub-floors are a great building option, reducing the need for expensive retaining works while utilising the natural slope of the ground.

I want my home to be sustainable and energy efficient - will a kit home suit me?

Not only are our homes completely customisable to your needs, as a baseline we keep sustainability and energy efficiency in mind for all Kitco Builders Designs.

The timber used in all of our builds is sourced from sustainable Australian plantations. We use white ant and European borer resistant timber at a minimum, to ensure the integrity of your home is preserved. Premium timber materials increase the lifespan of your home, so it will last for generations.

We’ll consider all aspects of your home design to ensure maximum energy efficiency – including house location and orientation, window and door glazing and insulation to name a few.

I’m based in the country - does Kitco Builders build rurally?

Yes – in fact, we pride ourselves on our country service. We’re based in Neerabup but we can facilitate your build no matter where you are in Western Australia.

Plus, when we price up your design we’ll take your address into account and charge a fair delivery fee based on distance should your property extend beyond our standard 200km delivery zone.

We will be upfront with you – there won’t be any hidden costs based on your rural location.

Can I bring my design to Kitco Builders for you to build?

Yes – we have the skills and experience to bring your dream home to life and welcome custom designs. However, we will not infringe the copyright of another building company, and will always ensure your design will work with our process and building materials before taking on the job.

I’m a Builder - can you provide the kit home for me to build?

Our kit homes are packaged up at our workshop and sent to site ready-to-build, so yes – you can put them together yourself as an owner-builder. We are on hand if you have any issues or need advice on selecting the right sub-contractors, have trouble with the process or get stuck along the way.

If you are planning to be the owner-builder for your kit home, we recommend visiting the Building Commission of WA website for more information on licensing and restrictions.

Can I get finance for a Kitco Builders home?

Yes, you can acquire finance for a Kitco Builders home like any other home builder. All typical home lenders will finance our homes so long as you meet their typical requirements for a home loan.

If you’re completing an owner build, the home lenders do require more security and savings to finance your build, though this has nothing to do with building a kit home, it is the general mindset of most lenders with regard to owner builders.

What are your payment terms?

We take an initial pre-construction deposit of $3,250 to cover the cost of drawings and all building application works. Moving forward, progress payments are made during construction at select build milestones which are reflected in the building contracts.

Do Kitco consider termites when building?

Yes, absolutely! The materials supplied for the structure of your home are termite resistant, which includes stumped floor systems.

When building on a concrete slab floor, we will install an under-slab and perimeter chemical barrier in conjunction with physical termite collars around all concrete slab penetrations such as drain pipes. We will provide you with a termite warranty certificate at the handover stage once the termite management system is complete. Although, please keep in mind, we recommend your home is regularly inspected by a professional pest controller and retreated as required.

What is the `build to lock up’ stage and what benefits does this stage offer?

In a nutshell, when we build to a ‘lock up’ stage, we complete the structure of your home and reach a lockable watertight stage.

We will take care of the preliminary works such as your plans, pay the local Shire planning and building fees and organise building approval.
You will receive home indemnity insurance for the work we complete and you will also receive a 10-year structural guarantee and a 6-month maintenance period.

What areas do you build your homes and what areas do you supply kit homes only?

We complete fully built homes from Greenhead in the North-West, to Augusta in the South-West, and Northam in the East.  We supply our kit homes all over WA, associated delivery charges will apply.

Do you supply kit homes in cyclonic regions?

Yes, we can modify our designs and supply the appropriate materials to comply with high wind rated areas and cyclonic regions.

Do you supply and build complete steel-framed homes?

Kitco can provide you with a prefabricated steel wall frame, including other materials such as steel posts and roof beams, however, we do not supply a steel roof frame.

Do you offer extras such as double glazing, air-conditioning etc..?

Yes, we make a concerted effort during the design stage to incorporate all of our client’s requests to achieve the best possible outcomes.

If my property requires a rainwater tank and a wastewater system, does Kitco assist with these items?

Absolutely, Kitco can incorporate all of the above, including any other property specific requiremensts such as access tracks, bushfire clearing etc…